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Our commitment is to society and the environment through responsible practices.

We seek to raise environmental awareness in companies that join the culture of continuous improvement and in the individuals who collaborate with us, through small individual and group actions to take care of our surroundings.

Empresa Sustentable


We use tools that reduce the impact of the environmental footprint in each of the improvement processes and services we implement.


With proposals for recycling and individual actions that are replicated in daily life within our facilities.

Empresa Verde

Through the ECO-LEAN program, which encourages the Lean Six Sigma International team to carry out 10 low-effort but high-impact actions in favor of the environment.

We are committed to making changes and improvements in the processes and services of Lean Six Sigma International Group, using mechanisms that mitigate the negative impact on the environment and society.

Low-effort actions,
but high impact.

We invite you to carry them out and thus
join the sustainable movement!


At Lean Six Sigma International, we reject los
disposables and encourage the use of containers.

Reject disposable straws and cutlery, use metal or reusable ones.

Reject the use of disposable face masks and instead use reusable cloth masks.

Reject plastic bags in stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc...
and use reusable cloth bags.

Reject buying bottled water and
instead use a refillable bottle or thermos to stay hydrated.

Reduce meat consumption in your diet and minimize
the impact on the environment.

Reduce asoline consumption by carpooling,
using public transportation, or walking to your destination.

Reduce consumption of
packaged products and buy in bulk.

Reduce the consumption of water jugs
and refill yours at purification centers.

Reduce the impact of products, clothing, cosmetics.

Reutilize your glass jars after finishing their contents.

Reuse paper sheets for other tasks: writing, printing, origami, etc.

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